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Surviving Motherhood Fold-Over Leatherette Beanie Patch

Surviving Motherhood Fold-Over Leatherette Beanie Patch

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Small hat patch for beanies.  These patches are meant to fold over either the bottom of a beanie or the cuff of the beanie.   The image will be reversed depending on the style hat so please check which type of hat you will be using.

We've switched to leatherette for all of our non-fabric patches.  You have the option to buy these with adhesive backing or no backing.  Adhesive backing works best with any hat press (or iron if pressing on a flat surface). Non-Adhesive can be adhered with many different types of glues or cements.  We are staying with a light brown and dark brown.  Please contact us if you are looking for a different color or need genuine leather.

For a limited time we will offer undyed genuine leather as well.  You can use these as-is or dye on your own with any leather dye.

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